General Summary

This week was a lot of setting everything up I would need for this class. I created my first Twitter account which is @WorldEmpress1, created a SoundCloud account, which is simply WorldEmpress, made a new Instagram profile for the class, and made a new subdomain for the class after accidentally creating a subdirectory instead. In order to accomplish this, I had to learn how Twitter worked as well as SoundCloud. Luckily setting them both up turned out to be pretty easy. However, creating my subdomain drove me crazy because, despite having made one before, my brain decided to blank and I created a subdirectory, which meant that I had to delete the bit of work I did and start over. To complete my introduction I used a variety of platforms and the work I produced on them can be viewed below. I think creating my introduction was the hardest part, simply because I always have a hard time introducing myself. Despite this, I had fun putting the pieces together once I had the parts. After watching the video assigned for me on Bob Ross, I created a post detailing my thoughts on some of the things he said and the philosophy he provided. I also listed the goals I have for this class.

Work I Did This Week


My first tweet. I used it in order to send my first message of greeting to the class and as part of my introduction. This felt really weird considering I never used Twitter or have posted a message to any social media site.


A short podcast was used to introduce myself. It was not fun to make. You’ll learn why if you listen to it or read the transcript down below.

Transcript: One fun fact about me is that I don’t like to hear recordings of my own voice. This is due to voice confrontation, which is when someone expects they sound a certain way and then are uncomfortable with how their voice actually sounds on recordings. The reason why is because of the way soundwaves travel inside of the body versus how they travel when they come from outside of the body.


A video I made as part of my introduction. It would have been longer, but due to my less than stellar camera work, most of my videos of the crabs were rather blurry.


A picture I posted on Instagram as part of my introduction.

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