Video Killed the Radio Star???

Daily Create 1

Daily Create 2

Branching Off

My expansion on others’ project ideas.

Behind the Lens

Here I look at a scene from a film and analyze it.

Assignment Bank

Signed with Fingers

In this one-star assignment, I had to sign or have someone else spell a word in sign language.

The ASU Wants You!

An ad to try and get people to join the ASU. It was worth 3 stars.

Haunted Video

A video take on an older assignment. It was worth 3 stars.

Change of Tone

Using a movie scene, I changed the tone…literally. It was worth 3.5 stars.


Excel Tutorial for my mom from Amy’s Online Thoughts

The Best Worst Answers from Tilly’s Island

Pepper: The Star of the Show from Cece’s Thoughts

Murder Mystery from Life Plugged In

Video Show Pt.1 – Trailer Included! from CELIA’S LIFE DIGITALLY

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