When it comes to radio show ideas, I think it’s difficult to brainstorm since we are forming groups and I don’t really want to be too set on an idea. I think group work is always worse when everyone is set on a different idea beforehand and has a hard time agreeing on a final product since everyone likes their own idea. However, these are some vague ideas I have.

What brings you joy?

We all know painting brings Bob Ross joy, but what brings each of us joy? For this show, we can each talk about what brings joy into our own lives.

Painting in the Past

Perhaps people could discuss their past experiences with painting? For this one, I would need a group with people who had done a decent amount of painting before, since I haven’t touched a paintbrush in years and my input on it would be limited.


In this one, we could talk about the class, such as what we like about it and what has been challenging about it. We can talk about the theme and how we incorporate it into our work and how much of a struggle it can be to relate everything back to the theme.

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