The Box in the Woods is a book by Maureen Johnson. It details a high-stakes treasure hunt surrounding a mysterious box in the woods, containing a treasure rumored to grant magic powers to someone worthy. Along the way the brave adventurers deal with pirates encounter monsters you would only ever find at the edge of the map.


The box in the woods isn’t a mysterious treasure chest. The cover doesn’t even look like that.

The actual cover from Goodreads

Instead, The Box in the Woods is the fourth book in a mystery series. I wouldn’t recommend though. The first three were only meant to be a trilogy and this one certainly feels like it was just there to sell more books. However, the first 3 were fun and sparked joy in my life.

How I created it

Once more, to make this I used Canva. I am starting to think it’s become my go-to for these assignments. I found the map picture in my search for map under items as well as the treasure chest. I then placed it near the center of the page. I simply added the text and changed the font.


For the assignment, Alternative Book Covers, I had to take a well-known book and re-design the cover to suggest something completely different. I don’t know how exactly well-known the book I choose was, but I had never heard of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road before now so I figured the book I choose was popular enough. I also selected it because I thought the title would be vague enough not to give it away. For example, if I selected a book like Anna Dressed in Blood, King of Scars, or A Darker Shade of Magic it would be hard to try and sell them as a different genre than they are.

4 thoughts on “The Box in the Woods

  1. Wade says:

    Yeah Canva is a great tool I think too! You did a great job on this post, I am looking forward to what you make next!

  2. Bird Hanning says:

    I definitely prefer your book cover to the other one! And your description too honestly, you had me sold until the next paragraph. I like how you leaned on the theme of exploration in your cover, and that fits with the title very well.


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