The Assignment

For Movie Mashup I had to take a movie I like (The Avengers) and make a poster of it and a movie it has been compared to (Justice League). On my first attempt at this, I found the Justice League poster and The Avengers poster and downloaded them onto my computer. I then cropped the posters down to one character, getting a new poster for each new character, and did a collage of them all together on Canva. I added text in the black space for a new title for this movie. Overall I really don’t like the end results and wish it had turned out better. I feel like the poster combination would have worked better if their backgrounds had been more similar or if I had the time to figure out how to more precisely crop. Also, feel as if it would have gone better if beforehand I hadn’t spent over an hour gathering videos for another assignment only to have those videos decide not to work in OpenShot. Oh well… I guess I’ll chalk this one up to a learning experience to check one video before I gather multiple ones.

However, really not liking that first attempt when I went back later I decided to try again. This is second attempt is the image at the top. To create it I found pictures of the Avengers and the Justice League. I took them back to Canva and adjusted them so that each on took up about half the poster. I added text, but it couldn’t really be seen so I found an effect to add a background behind the text. While this second attempt was still far from perfect, I like it a lot better than the first.

This was worth 4.5 stars.

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  1. Ty says:

    Great idea! It looks like you’re learning a lot about design and useful tools, which is great!


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