A Picture of the Past

To start this week I worked on a reflection of my photography up until now.

Photo Free-For-All

This is what I did for the photo blitz challenge.

Into Focus

This post talks about elements of photography from some of my previous pictures.

Daily Create 1

I created the Afraid Tardigrade using Canva. I’m truly terrified of whatever has a Tardigrade afraid.

Daily Create 2

Sadly I have reported the light issue to 2 different RAs and people have come out to look at it, but it remains like this after starting doing this shortly after I moved in August.

Daily Create 3

Honestly, this entire image was based around the kittens, but you can’t really blame me. They are just adorable.

Assignment Bank

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Behold the wonder of crab spiders in this post worth 3.5 stars. (Also get a sneak peek at my final project.)

A Dark Reflection

Be warned of mysterious dark land in this post worth 2.5 stars.

Up Close and Personal

In a shocking twist based on the title look at something up close and personal in this assignment worth 3 stars.

Killer Birds Descend Upon Us

In this assignment, worth 2.5 stars, I warn of the killer birds descending down on us.

No One Listens

In this 3.5 star assignment, I continue to add to other posts and craft a new narrative with 5 pictures.


Week 3 Wrap-Up from Tilly’s Island

Honest Game Cover: Wii Sports from Inside Brianna’s Mind

Color Makes a Difference from D’Juneau??

Who Said What from Life Plugged In

We All See the Bars from About Katie


The assignments this week were fun. It just feels like there are so many little pieces for the class that I can’t spend a lot of time on any one thing. My favorite thing this week was my spider picture. I thought it turned out really cool in the end.

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