Marvel–I have questions

The Assignment

For Is this the right movie? I needed to come up with a poster or ad for an upcoming movie that contradicted itself. Therefore for my poster, I decided to sell the upcoming Dr. Strange movie as a romance. It was worth 3 stars.

How I did this

First I found the trailer for the movie. I paused it and used my snipping tool to take a screenshot. I then took this picture into Canva. I used the Green Spring Sale Poster Template and then put the picture on it. I changed the text to the movie name. To help sell it as a romance film I looked up some famous lines from Rom-Coms. I then saw one from The Wedding Date and despite having never seen the movie I thought it was cheesy so I used it. I am happy with the end result and I’m happy to get back to a design-like assignment since I think those have been my favorite so far.

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