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In a moment no one could have predicted, killer birds descended upon campus. Faculty and staff have attempted to chase away these birds but to no avail. The birds seem here to stay whether we want them or not.

One brave student attempted to paint these birds and reported that the birds were far from the happy little subjects they have painted in the past while watching Bob Ross. “They are pure evil,” said the student, “if pure evil came in bird form.” The next day the student disappeared after the birds attacked them.


The assignment, Color Changer, was worth 2.5 stars. In it, I had to change the color of a photo.

Decorative Image
Original Image

I accomplished this much like I did DreamScape. Admittedly, I played around with the settings in order to make the birds look more menacing instead of simply changing the color.

Anyways the original birds were killer enough. This is the second time I’ve been walking and have been distracted by random birds on campus.

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