My name is Zoe and this is a quick introduction of me. I’m a freshman at UMW and I’m planning on majoring in Sociology and Communications and Digital Studies. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and writing.

First Tweet

I have never used Twitter before this class so below is my first ever tweet.

Fun Fact

Below is a fun fact about me. Listen to learn it.

Transcript: One fun fact about me is that I don’t like to hear recordings of my own voice. This is due to voice confrontation, which is when someone expects they sound a certain way and then are uncomfortable with how their voice actually sounds on recordings. The reason why is because of the way soundwaves travel inside of the body versus how they travel when they come from outside of the body.

My Favorite Thing the Last Time I went to the Beach

Here is a video showcasing my favorite thing the last I went to the beach.


Below you can meet my pets, Daisy and Fitz through the pictures I posted on Instagram.

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