Decorative Image

Instead of taking a bunch of random pictures, this was one that was purposely selected to capture the light, since I liked the way it looked through my camera. The moment, I think, worked well since at any other moment the light would have shown differently through the window. The ordinary furniture helps to add contrast to the picture when paired with the almost whimsical lighting.

Decorative Image

The moment this picture was taken was not as carefully selected as the first one, but the foam from the ocean contrasts well with the sand. It is also a unique perspective since most pictures taken at the beach focus on the ocean, and I took this one looking directly down. It has visual depth with the shadows and the bubbles rising up higher than the sand. This was a very much in-the-moment picture since it was unlikely to ever look exactly like that again. The lighting also helped to create interesting shadows from the foam on the sand.

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