One Small Sound, One Large Story

In this reflection, I thought about how sound can be used to tell a story.

The Show Must Go On

My ideas for the radio show summarized all in one post!

Just a Taste

My radio bumper!

One Key to Sound

Here is my post regarding Monday night’s listening to the ds106 radio show.

Daily Create 1

The group from 2019 did a bit better with their use of Covid-19 but even they failed in the end. Ending the world is really hard business it seems.

Daily Create 2

I really liked the art marker after using it for a different daily create. I actually kind of like how this one turned out, but it is far from my favorite. I made it using the prompt question.

Daily Create 3

My unselfie! Not exactly a challenge considering I don’t like regular selifes.


And Then There Was None

Listen to a story only told through sound.

Blast From Blast

My take on making an 80’s radio ad.

A Day in the Life

The noises from one day of my life.


I think the daily creates were my favorite part of this week. I think that is because, as I said in One Small Sound, One Large Story, working with audio and sound isn’t my favorite. I guess this is why I prefer writing. It is more appealing to me and it’s an easier medium for me to work with and pretty much accomplish the same thing.


Out of this World from My Digital Showcase

Guess the Song from Cece’s Thoughts

Listening to the Rad eeO from D’Juneau??

Fungi Growing on the Radio Waves from a Bird’s

The organ is a challenging instrument! from Wade’s World

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