I’m not sure if I would consider myself an artist, but I would like to be an artist that dabbles in various kinds of designs. I think I would like to be an artist who does not set out with a particular goal in mind but rather discovers a place to start and work my way from there. This way, I never get off track or find myself disappointed if something does not come out how I originally imagined it. Instead I simply can be happy with what I have created. This would also allow me to find inspiration in everything and to keep an eye open for that said inspiration. For example, this has influenced how I customized my site because I have designed the ds106 one to look different than my main domain and my other two subdomains. I use this same method when I write, which is how I express my creativity for my own enjoyment. I start out with a vague idea in mind and then allow the story to take me wherever it wants. However, as an artist, I need to get more comfortable sharing my work. For example, I will not let anyone see it because I am always trying to reach perfection with it, which of course will never happen. I need to let go of this idea of perfection and learn to be happy with less than perfect.

4 thoughts on “Finding My Way

  1. Bird Hanning says:

    Hullo! I admire your clarity and succinctness, you waste no words and make the ones you do use count. It is nice to know I am not the only one hesitant to share work, though for more self-conscious reasons. The fact that perfection is impossible is very true and something I think everyone should pay more mind to. The Dreamscape post is fantastic, by the way, and I am excited to see what else you make!

  2. Olivia says:

    I loved reading this post! I heavily relate to this post and sharing/expressing my creativity in this class. I have made my ds106 domain very different than my other domains as well, and am using this platform as a way to be more creative. Love your posts and don’t be afraid to share your great work!

  3. Wade says:

    I think this is a really relatable post, I often find it hard to not be a perfectionist with my work too. I think since this is a new medium for a lot of us in the class, that you are definitly taking the best approach and just getting things out there! Something that I have found that helps get a piece of art going is to not have a specific direction, I find that if I start with just something simple, that tends to lead down multiple directions and creativity!


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