A Deeper Meaning-

On a trip downtown I looked at the different signs I encountered and three of them were examined further for the designblitz. The fourth I found on the UMW campus.

Looking at Design-

Here I examine the required reading and think about ways it might impact my designs moving forward with this class.

Daily Create 1

I refuse to let the woods dictate my stress levels! This is war!

Daily Create 2

I’m not a poet and don’t I know it. I did learn was what an Elevenie was though. Can’t tell if it was purposely spelled differently in the daily create or not.

Daily Create 3

And my computer is even better than a regular computer since it has pictures of jellyfish and snails on it.


The Best Word Ever!

In this assignment, I paid homage to the best word ever by creating a design for it.

Happy Little…Snail?

Bob Ross’s trees would be jealous of how happy this snail is.

The Box in the Woods

I redesigned a cover for a book and provided a brief summary.


I think The Best Word Ever! was a fun simple assignment. Happy Little…Snail? had, without a doubt, my favorite end result, even if it was the hardest to create. I didn’t have any strong feelings for The Box in the Woods, but it took me a while to design a pleasing new cover. The daily creates this week weren’t my favorite. I don’t enjoy writing poetry (I get too caught up in making everything rhyme).


Book Cover from Katie Reif

DesignBlitz… Looking With A Meaning from CELIA’S LIFE DIGITALLY

What if a Beach Cult Tried to do Advertisements? from a Bird’s

Event Poster from Olivia’s Digital Dive

Kindly click here from Wade’s World

The Color of Words from Olivia’s Digital Dive

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