Daily Create 1

I personally think the poem generator might need some work… Not sure what the heck that the last line is even about. However, it was fun to do and it would be fun to play with at some point.

Daily Create 2

I got the poster from Wikipedia. I then moved it to Canva and got some plain boxes. Canva recognized the colors the poster used so I used those colored squares to block out the words there. I then added my own words using colors Canva also recognized as being part of the original image. I resized the text to make it fit and that was it. I enjoyed the end result.

The Show-

Our Radio Show! It has advice about how you can bring joy to your college life! You can read about the process at Coming Soon to You!


Roadside Pitstop from My Digital Showcase

Radio Show Progress from Amy’s Online Thoughts

Daily Creates wk. 8 from Cece’s Thoughts

Hot Air Balloon Sing-Along Anyone? from a Bird’s

Radio Show Week 2 Progress from Olivia’s Digital Dive

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