You may have heard of the Bob Ross: The Happy Painter film. If not below is the trailer.

Now coming soon to a bookstore near you is the novelization! Learn how Bob Ross’s career began, his rise to fame, and his eventual death through this story in a new media format.

Book Cover

For the low, low price of a million dollars buy this book today. And warning there are only 5 in the world so get yours while supplies last.


Everything above this besides the existence of the movie and the trailer is a work of fiction. Please do not go searching and/or pay a million to someone for this made-up book.

About this Assignment

To complete this assignment, I Can Read Movies, I used Canva to create a book cover that mimicked the movie book covers created by Spacesick. This seemed like a very fun assignment and it was in the end.



Bob Ross: The Happy Painter

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