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If you have seen my bucket list post, Farewell Cruel World!, you may have noticed that I want to visit Australia before I die. You also already know I want to go because when I was younger, I wanted to live there. However, I failed to go into detail about it. So today, I present my dream vacation to Australia! Hopefully, it would give me the same peace and relaxation Bob Ross has when he paints.

Why did I pick it?

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I mentioned one reason I want to travel to Australia, but my other big reason is the wildlife. I like seeing wildlife in general and Australia has unique wildlife ranging from kangaroos to echidnas. However, the one animal I want to see the most is a wild sugar glider because it is just adorable. Though, I will need to keep an eye out for all the dangerous animals there such as the blue ringed octopus, funnel-web spiders, and the textile cone snail.

Speaking of wildlife, it would also be cool to go snorkeling there. The Great Barrier Reef is located off the coast of Australia and it would be amazing to visit. I would especially hope to see a dolphin.

In addition, if I go during the winter, it will be the summer there. I’m a person who runs cold so escaping the freezing temperatures here would be appreciated.

Who and What I Would Bring?

I would only bring myself because then I could just do whatever I want and not have to do things for the sake of keeping other people happy. Material-wise, I would pack my phone (I need to take pictures of the cute animals!) and my books. After all, this will be a fairly long vacation, and reading on the beach would be relaxing. I would also need to bring sunscreen because I’m pale and burn easily and getting sunburn would certainly decrease the quality of my trip. I would also bring sunglasses so I’m not stumbling around blinded by the sun.

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The assignment I selected was Welcome to Paradise! Having already sort of started this assignment on my bucket list, I decided to flesh out the idea here. It was a fun assignment and I enjoyed making it. Though, my trip will need more planning still. For example, I’m still not exactly sure what parts of Australia I want to visit.

It was worth 3.5 stars.

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  1. Brianna DAlbis says:

    I could never go to Australia. The fact that you have to flush the toilet before you open the lid because of what could have climbed up through the pipes scares the crap out of me. You are much braver than me!


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