For this assignment, 80’s Product Radio Commercial, I had to make a commercial for a product from the 80’s. To create it I got the background music from Mixkit and recorded my audio on the computer. I put them together using SoundTrap.

I choose this assignment because it seemed like it would be fun to make a commercial, especially about something old and act like it was something brand new. There was some background static from my computer microphone, but I thought it added to the radio vibe of the commercial.

I looked up things from the 80’s, and since we’re doing sound the Sony Walkman stood out to me. Admittedly, this ad and its subject made me think of Guardians of the Galaxy, since a Sony Walkman was featured in it. When I was looking it up, I found out the movie seems to have sparked a small resurgence of Sony Walkmans. I also found the video below on YouTube, which was funny due to the title they put in the beginning (I named my post before finding it).

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