A Picture of the Past

I take some photos, but I don’t really take a lot currently. Mostly, I tend to take them of things like strange road signs or animals. I don’t really have a particular approach to my photography, nor have I ever worked to capture a particular feeling or meaning in one of my photos. I tend to just point and shoot and hope for the best. After reading the article Becoming a Better Photographer, I believe I can improve my photography skills by thinking more about how I take photos and the tone I want to convey through the photo. I can think about how using different perspectives, lighting, contrast, etc. can help me achieve that goal.

Decorative Image
An image I took of a sign in Rome.

An image creates a narrative by itself and tells a story because there is a lot one can convey in a single image. For example, you can show who the story is about and set the tone of the story by using things like lighting. If you find a new and interesting perspective, the framing you use in the photo might also help other people see a story from the same point of view you do. An image can also make things feel more real, for example, in journalism. It’s easier sometimes to distance yourself from blocks of text than it is to distance yourself from a picture.

Decorative Image
What story do you think this image tells?

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