The Assignment

For Chipmunk Style, I had to take a clip from a movie and make it so the characters had chipmunk voices. To this, I downloaded a video from youtube. I found out how to do this through this article. Using the article, I was guided to download a VLC Player. I used the youtube link from the original source to open the video. The video was saved to my videos. Then I managed to email the clip to myself and even though it was too big, I was able to log into my email on my phone and then download the video from there. I placed the movie into iMovie and used it to speed up the clip as well as cut it down some. Since it was still too big to email back to my computer I uploaded to my website, redownloaded it, deleted it off my website, and finally uploaded it to youtube. There I was told it had copyright, I was fine to use it, but they would place ads on it, so I apologize if you get an ad while watching it. It was a fun assignment to do, except for all the moving the videos around since my computer doesn’t have iMovie and when I tried to use OpenShot, it only had 2X speed, which was too fast.

It was worth 3.5 stars.

2 thoughts on “A Change of Tone

  1. Amy says:

    this was so funny!! it seemed like you did a good amount of research to do this


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