Daily Creates

For my first daily create I made a fancy Z. There aren’t enough things in the world with the letter Z on them (much to the disappointment of my younger self). Therefore, I decided to add another colorful Z to the world.

I made it via “painting” using the Paint 3D app that came on my computer.

For my second one, I had to stop the miniature people from taking over the world.

Sadly, this caused a lot of water problems in my house.

My third was buy, burn, or steal.

I think my selection is very sound. All items in it came from the Met.

Assignment Back (12 Writing Stars)-

Completely Factual

For this 2.5 star assignment, I had to create a synopsis based on events that actually happened in a movie and then write a new synopsis that presented the movie with a different tone.

Part V: The Twist

In this 5 star assignment, I continued the epic sage of Joe, the magic clown, and his battle against the evil witch Victoria.

Bon Voyage

For this 3.5 star assignment, I wrote about my dream vacation as an explanation to Farewell Cruel World!

The Power of Prophecy

In this post, I attempted to predict my future using the meaning behind my name.

It was worth 2 stars.


I totaled 13 writing stars.

In the end…

I created a post about a possible outline for my final project as well as thinking about stories in general.


I commented on 6 of my classmates’ posts this week.

Over my Head and Down the Rabbit Hole We Go from a Bird’s

Extreme Home Makeover: Minecraft Edition from My Digital Showcase

Putting Myself First from Cece’s Thoughts

3 Times the Fun from Caine’s Chronicles

Minecraft Cottage– from Inside Brianna’s Mind

Words For the Meal, Photo the Aftermath from a Bird’s


In the end, I enjoyed some of the writing assignments even if I didn’t really like the fact I had to tie them back to the theme of the class. Sometimes it felt as if I would go out of my way to make sure the theme was in them or skip over assignments that seemed like fun because I couldn’t think of a way to include the theme. I liked that we only had to do three daily creates though this week as it gave me the freedom to select ones I liked instead of simply doing them all because I had to.

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