The Power of Prophecy

Most names have some kind of meaning. For example, Robert means bright fame. It makes you wonder if Bob Ross’s parents were somehow aware of his future when looking at his name’s meaning. Because this one name out of millions foretold this man’s future, I have decided all names have prophetic powers. Since I have no idea what my own future holds I shall now look up the meaning of my first and middle names and see what awaits me.

The First Name

My first name is Zoe. It is from a Greek word meaning life. So, I guess that’s a good start? Life is important, right? Maybe my middle name will have some sort of promise? Still, I spell it differently than most people so perhaps there was never going to be anything there.

The Middle Name/Last Try

My middle name is Elizabeth. It took me forever to figure out how to spell as a child. Surely with that story of the struggle behind it, this name will reveal to me all the greatness my future holds. Will I have great fortune? Fame? A hairless cat? Here it is! It means…

God is my oath. Since I’m not religious I don’t think this one is summing up my future.

Ending Thoughts

I can’t believe I was wrong. The science was so sound! My name should have predicted my future. Oh well, back to finding out my future the old-fashioned way-by living my life. 🙁


This assignment, What’s In A Name?, was pretty straightforward. For it I had to tell you something, anything about my given names. Immediately I thought of the meaning behind names. Wondering how to incorporate this back to the theme I looked up Bob Ross’s name, Robert. This inspired me to come up with my wacky idea of writing this about whether our names could predict our future. It was fun to write and name meanings have always been interesting to me.

It was worth 2 stars.

1 thought on “The Power of Prophecy

  1. Brianna DAlbis says:

    My name, Brianna, means sociable in Irish Gaelic. My mom often thinks she gave me the wrong name. Urban Dictionary was more on the nose, but they also seem to think that I am sociable.


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