The Healthy Diet of A College Student

The Assignment

For What I eat in a Day I had to simply record what I ate that day. I’m not entirely pleased with how this assignment turned out to be honest. Didn’t realize I was holding my camera in different ways until the end and I feel as if I could have somehow got more exciting shots of my food. Also, it felt a little weird having to remember to record my food before I could chow down.

It was worth 5 stars.

How I made it

To start with I recorded my food with my phone. I then uploaded all the shots to OpenShot. I placed them in the correct order and went to Pixabay to find some music. The music was too long so I used SoundTrap to edit it. I then exported my SoundTrap work and placed it in OpenShot under my videos. Finally, in OpenShot I created a title to give credit to Pixabay and to all the places where I gathered my food.

1 thought on “The Healthy Diet of A College Student

  1. Wade says:

    That was a great idea to include a snapshot of the program! Great job!


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