Without a doubt haphazardly is the best word in the English language. It’s fun to say, the meaning is fun, and it’s got a prefix and suffix!

How I made it-

To make this I used Canva. I, using Open Sans, made some letters large, some uppercase, and placed them into various locations to make it look hopefully, well, haphazardly arranged.


The assignment, Word, was to select a single word and convey the meaning of that word by using things such as various sizes, spacing, italics, etc.

Short, but Sweet-

This assignment wasn’t as time-consuming as some of the others I’ve done, but it was a lot of fun. I also like the end result.

4 thoughts on “The Best Word Ever!

  1. Wade says:

    This is also a cool post! Your right Bird, it is very haphazardly!


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