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Enjoy the Sunshine

The first thing I did this week was making my first daily create. It took me a bit to figure out what I wanted to do with it. In the end, I took my inspiration from this portion of the assignment-

Image of the grid used with the words "Stop with the word games, go outside and enjoy some sunshine" under it

This made me think of creating something to do with the outdoors so I took the template provided with the daily create and brought it over to Canva. Then I used the image editing Canva and put a filter on the sample template to change the original color. Then I used some of the free elements and placed them in the squares of the grid in order to create my outdoor scene before posting it on Twitter. I started with the cat because I had seen it before and wanted to include it in something and then slowly selected and added everything else.

Enjoy the Sunshine

VA Blocks on a Chain

My second daily create was made by taking pictures of VA hall at UMW and attaching them with a chain I found and took a picture of on campus. To accomplish this I used the MOLDIV app and used the Free Style collage. This was the one that took me the longest. However, I think it tells a story in and of itself as he recounts some of the history of one of the halls here at UMW.

“The Brief History of Everything”

For my third create I had to name a book. I figured that trying to fit the complete history of everything in a book, even if it was brief, would at least be that size. Only later did I learn there was already a book with the same name by someone named Ken Wilber. His book isn’t quite that big though. How dare he only write nearly 600 pages?


My fourth daily create is below. I got a story from the Magic Realism Bot and got my image for it by typing the phrase in at hotpot.ai/art-maker. I chose watercolor for my style.

Really I only picked the story I did because I like salamanders. However, I like how, what I am assuming the manuscript part of the story, ended up influencing the image and I’m disappointed because my diamond salamander doesn’t look much like a salamander at all. Still, it looks like a Leopard Slug and I love slugs so it’s good enough I suppose.

Leopard Slug
Picture of a Leopard Slug from iNaturalist

Cat Pictures

My fifth and last daily create was to add something to Ripley’s computer and write what her response might be. To accomplish this I used photoshop in order to embed another picture into the original.

I feel like pictures of cats and cats wearing silly outfits or doing ridiculous things are commonplace enough that even if you were to just turn on a computer while fighting off aliens you might get a cat picture. Who knows? Maybe it will be helpful. Perhaps the cute cats will distract the aliens?

Assignment bank


Below is Dreamscape, which was the first assignment I completed from the assignment back.

Ending Picture

Farewell Cruel World!

For assignment #2 I choose to make a bucket list. The link above should take you to where you can visit my bucket list.

Coming Soon

Book Cover

Above is the cover for the nonexistent book based around the Bob Ross movie of the exact same name. To find out more about it click the link above.

Finding My Way

Above is a link that will take you to a post that details what kind of artist I want to be.

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I replied to some of the comments made on my own post

And there was another comment where I asked someone about how they made glitch art, but it was lost to the void. Farewell comment. I hope you’re okay wherever you are.

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