Stabbing is Perfectly Okay

Taken from the Make Your Own Radio Commercial! assignment, I have created a commercial for my group’s radio show. Since it was going to be about college advice one thing I would advise an incoming student to do is join the fencing club because fencing is a lot of fun!

Final Trophee Monal 2012 n08.jpg
Picture from Wikipedia

How I Made it-

I recorded myself and put the sounds together on SoundTrap. The music came from pixabay. Once more, courtesy of the noisy air conditioner in my room, we have static to make it sound more like a real radio ad, much like the ad in my post Blast from the Past.

5 thoughts on “Stabbing is Perfectly Okay

  1. Bird Hanning says:

    This is so awesome! It is very funny and your tone is perfect! I am enticed to join the fencing club now, I didn’t know we had one!


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