Greetings fellow ASU officers. The mission was a success. Despite 14 not returning we were able to recover some of the footage from their camera, which mysteriously appeared in the office two days ago. This is a win for us and be reassured 14 knew what they were going into and was glad to make this sacrifice.

How I did This

To film I went on a walk and took some short videos. Then I emailed them all to myself and uploaded them to OpenShot. After I got them in the right order, I knew I wanted them to be black and white, but I didn’t know how. Using google I found a site with answers on how to do it. Using my knew knowledge I found the color saturation effect and brought it down to 0. There was another effect called wave, which I used to make my videos, well, wavy, and then I put the bars on them. Next, I picked out the transition I wanted to use and applied it to all the clips. I turned down the audio to make the videos silent. I found some spooky music on Pixabay and placed that in the project. Then, deciding I wanted a title card, I moved everything over and created a title card on OpenShot. I had a lot of fun making this and don’t think I would change anything if I did it again.


I decided to create my own assignment this time, which I will call Found Footage. For this I decided to make my own found footage video relating back to my final project. Since I had to go out and film it, figure out the effects and transitions needed on OpenShot, create a title card, find spooky music to use, and provide a story behind it, I’d say it is worth 5 stars.

10 thoughts on “Recovered

  1. Bird Hanning says:

    The saga continues! This is so cool! You chose such good clips of Fredericksburg and the effects were not what I expected in the best way! it is giving very much first couple episodes of WandaVision vibes. So good!

  2. Olivia says:

    this was super cool and well done, love the shots of downtown fred!


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