It’s Just a Theory

Conspiracy Theories

This show on March 14, 2022, starting at 8, discussed whether 9/11 was an inside job or a terrorist attack.

The show was unscripted, making it feel more like a debate. It was a feature that a lot of people on discord seemed to like. However, I feel like some scripting might have been useful, as it would have helped to prevent the presenters from repeating themselves.

In the show, one person gave evidence on why they thought it was a conspiracy theory, using information which came from people like Seth Rogen. This is one reason why I feel like this show might have been better in a different format. It would have been nice to be able to see what they were talking about. For example, we heard the ads but had to wait for the presenters to explain them later.

I did like how they left the show sort of open-ended-one saying it was a conspiracy, one saying it wasn’t, and one torn in-between.

Sound wise, I liked all the ominous music in it. It really set the tone.

Overall, I think it was an interesting show to listen to.

My Own Show

It was interesting listening to my own show along with the rest of the audience, especially since I hadn’t heard it in its entirety before. I think doing different segments and putting them together went surprisingly well. It was also interesting to see everyone’s thoughts. I kind of wish the other two classmates who helped make the show had tuned in to see some other people’s responses to it and answer questions people had on their segments. Glad everyone liked the fencing ad. When I first had someone listen to it they said I sounded way too happy. It was actually my favorite part of making the show.

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