The Assignment

The assignment Sound to Visual involved taking an audio assignment I had already done and adding a video over top of it. To this, I used my Haunted sound story. First, I placed the audio story into OpenShot. Next, I went to Pixabay to find some video clips I thought would go well with my sound story. I uploaded these videos to OpenShot. I had to slice some of the videos down and adjust their lengths. I dragged the videos into the order I wanted them and then, when I was done, I exported my video. Finally, I uploaded it to YouTube before posting it on my blog. I had a lot of fun making this, only wished I could have found some better stock footage to use for my video. This is especially true as I haven’t been able to leave campus in a while to film anything super exciting.

It was worth 3 stars.

3 thoughts on “Haunted Video

  1. Bird Hanning says:

    I think the footage you choose fits really well for things you found online! That one with the hooded figure is something else, and the beginning woodland-shoots are stand out as well, this is awesome!


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