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A man obsessed with his dead wife kidnaps a young boy and takes him to a mysterious land where they encounter a strange and possibly dangerous creature and find themselves in a fight for their lives.


The assignment I chose was TV Guide Remix. For it, I needed to create a new synopsis that, while factually correct, makes the storyline feel as if it would be something drastically different. This assignment looked like a lot of fun. In the end, however, it was a lot harder thinking of a good fake synopsis than I originally thought. I chose Up because I felt as if there were various parts of the movie I could work into the synopsis to make it seem like a different movie.

It was worth 2.5 stars.



4 thoughts on “Completely Factual

  1. Ty says:

    Love this, it’s always fun to see how we can use our understanding of language to basically tell the same story in a completely new way.

  2. Erin Caine says:

    I love this! I saw the first few words as I was looking at all the previews of the class’ posts, and I was expecting an interesting mystery story. As you can imagine, I was surprised until I saw what the assignment was. Great work!

  3. Brianna DAlbis says:

    I always wondered how Russell’s mom was doing when her son was just hanging out in South America with a strange old man. Like, this is my favorite Pixar movie, but Mr. Frederickson would so have been arrested.


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