Coming to you soon!

The show Processes

Last Week

Last week for my assignments I created my bumper and commercial for the show.


First thing first-We decided to each have our own segments and I planned what I wanted to say for my segment, and then I wrote the script for my part.


I then recorded my audio using the vocal booth at UMW. I edited through it and was a bit sad that it turned out to only be 4 and a half minutes. At least I had my commercial and bumper to provide some time for our show.

Sound effects

For the music and sound effects, I used Pixabay and Videvo. To mix it all together I used SoundTrap. My favorite part of this assignment was probably selecting the music and finding clips that sort of matched what I was talking about.

Putting it together

One of my partners texted and offered to put the show together as long as we were done by Thursday night. She then sent us the completed draft before turning it in.

The Hardest Part

Truthfully, I think the hardest part of this assignment had nothing to do with the audio editing. I think it was just starting out and establishing how we wanted to do things and communicate as a group. Having done a few group projects now in college though I’m starting to think that is always the hardest part.

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