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Building off of Project Ideas from Bibi, Porque No Eres Niña Normal?, I think to fully use multimedia there are some other things they can do like using pictures. I have no clue what Fidel Castro looks like so I would have no idea if he came back to life that he looked the same as he did before. Also, since I am not really into history (I avoid the subject like the plague on most occasions) I don’t know that much about him either. So maybe there could be a short video included explaining who he is.

Final Project Ideas – Campaigning for Sharks?

This project from CELIA’S LIFE DIGITALLY already has a lot of great ideas, but I think another section that can be included is something addressing people’s fear of sharks. Perhaps they can go into detail explaining how most sharks won’t hurt people. This might be productive because then if anyone seeing this project really doesn’t like sharks, this could serve to change their mind and help convince them that sharks need to be saved.

2 thoughts on “Branching Off

  1. Bird Hanning says:

    Whenever people mention how deadly sharks are, I am the first to prattle off the fact that deer kill exponentially more people a year than sharks. Don’t ask me for a source tho…


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