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A lot of what Bob Ross discusses in the episode “Splendor of a Snowy Winter” is about how you can do whatever you want in your own little world. For example, he says “in your world, you can put it anywhere you want” as well as telling a story about people sending him letters about how they did not like the house in the scene. The latter bit leads to him saying “if you don’t want a house in your world, leave it out.” To me, this is him saying that in your own world you have the final say and to exercise your creative freedom however you want. Near the end, he even provides some of his philosophy saying that “if it works for you, then it’s good.”


In the episode, he says “We don’t make mistakes. Anything that happens we can live with it.” This is inspirational as it shows that it is okay to mess up and that there is always a way to fix it. This is especially true for me, given how I always feel that I cannot live with making a mistake.


There is also something to be said about how he views everything as fun and that things work the best as long as you enjoy them. For example, when he is painting the mountains he says “if something is your favorite, then you think it works the best.” He also seems to have fun cleaning his brush off or “beating the devil out of it.” This shows that perhaps anything can be enjoyable as long as one does not view it as an obligation.

Life’s Wonderful

Bob Ross simply says that “life’s wonderful.” This serves as a reminder that life is, indeed, wonderful.

3 thoughts on “Bob Ross

  1. Annie Grace Louthan says:

    Bob Ross had some similar quotes to your section about mistakes in my episode as well. I think this quality that Bob Ross has of there not being a right or wrong way to paint/complete art is very inspiring to people, such as myself, who are not very artistic.

    1. admin says:

      Yeah. I think from what I’ve seen Bob Ross tends to reference this philosophy about there being no wrong way to make art quite a lot. I’m not very artistic myself and I have to agree it is very inspiring.


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