So, first off you may have noticed my final project is not on this subdomain. For it, I created a new one. It serves as the ASU blog. However, you may have noticed the mysterious link post and that plays into my final project.

For my project, I used a number of tools and processes which would take me a while to go into completely so I will provide a brief summary here. First, the programs I used were Pixabay, OpenShot, Canva, SoundTrap, Twitter, Giphy, Photoshop, and SoundCloud. Some of the assignments came from earlier in the semester. These included ones such as Agent 14, Recovered, The ASU Wants, and Haunted. Others I created this week, like everything done for the post Farewell. I will take a moment here to apologize for The Founder’s grammar.

One thing I will say about my final project was it got too ambitious and I didn’t have time to wrap up and tie everything together. For example, some of the agents were having a mini storyline in the comments section and once I realized I was running out of time they stopped because I didn’t have time to finish what I wanted to do with it. Also, this explains why some things never received a proper explanation in the story. Still, I had a lot of fun making it and hope that it sparks other people’s creativity as it did mine.

Also, if you are wondering about the passwords, you can find them in the posts, but in case you don’t have time you can look below to see them under the pictures. However, feel free to try and find it yourself if you want.

Plus, I got a few giggles out of it with twitter trying to connect with The Founder.

Passwords: TheEndIsNear and the TheEndIsHere for the last one.

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