Looking at a shot in a film and trying to analyze it was difficult. I used some of the ideas from Memories of Murder (2003) – Ensemble Staging, when dealing with looking at the background, but with my shot it wasn’t exactly the same given because it focused on one character. Akira Kurosawa – Composing Movement talked about looking at the weather, which made me think of the rain in one shot and how it helps set the mood of the scene. I also tried to use other sources, such as a guide that told me about different types of shots. I tried to think back to when I did a film class in high school too, and that is when I thought of the lighting.

It’s been a while since I really looked at the shots of a film and this assignment helped me think about how much detail is put in to every shot.

Now you might be wondering how Lord of the Rings relates to our theme, let alone this scene. It’s just once upon a time I was a really odd child and Gollum was my favorite character despite being only two. He brought me great joy apparently. I even had a doll of him.

Happy Easter me!

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