Come One, Come All

Behold the poster that promotes my group’s radio show. If it doesn’t make you want to listen I don’t know what will.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Here is the progress report for my group radio show work.

Daily Create 1

The picture below was the part of the character randomizer I used for my story.

Daily Create 2

I didn’t catch a lot but I’m blaming it on all the big projects I had due to this week and the fact I did this create after fencing.

Daily Create 3

Might be slightly dark for a children’s book…


Pump Down the Volume

For one of my audio assignments this week I created a bumper for the upcoming radio show! Stay tuned to find out more.

Stabbing is Perfectly Okay

A commercial for my group’s radio show about the UMW fencing club.


Rain Droplets from ds106-Hailey Amick

Week 7 Summary from Amy’s Online Thoughts

Radio7 Logo on the Brain from D’Juneau??

Ross, Bob Ross! from Wade’s World

Radio7 Show Introduction Draft from D’Juneau??

I also replied to one of the comments on one of my own posts.

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